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Across the globe, energy prices are reaching record highs. A variety of different factors have converged to send prices soaring to the point that governments are having to take action to protect vulnerable consumers. One solution is to reduce consumption and energy-efficient air conditioners are helping to ease the burden of energy costs. That makes now the perfect time to invest in a new energy-efficient air conditioner that will offer better performance and lower utility bills. Learn more about how an energy-efficient air conditioner can help you save money and enjoy a more comfortable home.

Energy Efficient Air Conditioners Continue to Become Better Investments as Temperatures Increase

One of the main challenges that is making it more difficult and expensive to properly cool your home is rising temperatures. According to NASA, from 2000 to 2020, the globe experienced 19 of the hottest years on record. This warming effect means that air conditioners are having to work even harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. If temperatures continue along this trend, it will make investing in an energy-efficient air conditioner even more important.

Almost All Energy Efficient AC Units Will Be ENERGY STAR Certified

As you shop around for a more efficient replacement for your current AC unit, be sure to look for products that come with the ENERGY STAR logo. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created the ENERGY STAR program to provide consumers with trustworthy information about product performance. Any product with the label has been independently tested and verified so that it will provide consumers with cost-saving solutions that are also better for the environment. In fact, an ENERGY STAR rating will guarantee at least 10% more efficiency over the industry standard. When you see the ENERGY STAR rating, you can feel confident that you are investing in an energy-efficient unit.

As an added bonus, a more efficient AC unit will also improve your indoor air quality. If you or anyone in your family deals with asthma, allergies, or other respiratory problems, the right air conditioner can make a big difference.

Finally, a new air conditioner can increase the value of your home. If you are thinking about selling in the next few years, you will be able to raise your asking price and get more money for your home.

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Choosing The Best Energy Efficient Air Conditioner For Your Home

Finding the best energy-efficient air conditioner for your home starts with proper sizing. You want to make sure that you purchase a unit that can effectively cool your entire home without having to work harder than necessary. If the unit is too small for your home, you won’t enjoy much savings on utility bills and there is a good chance that the unit will wear out much faster. At the same time, if the unit is too big, it will leave the air feeling damp and your home won’t be as comfortable.

You will also want to look for options that offer plenty of programmable features. This will allow you more control over the temperature and work to create a more efficient home. For example, you can program the AC unit to allow the temperature to rise to a certain point when you aren’t at home and have the temperature drop again when you expect to be back. This is a great feature for vacations or daily use if you work outside the home.

In addition, many modern AC units come with apps so that you can program and adjust your air conditioner from your smartphone. These apps can also send you important maintenance reminders and notify you if there is a problem or malfunction. Some brands even offer subscription plans so that a technician will also be notified in the event of an issue. You can essentially automate your entire cooling system, which not only makes it more convenient but also more efficient.

Another feature to consider is an energy-saving setting. When your home is cooled to the right temperature, both the compressor and the fan will turn off. This is another simple way to conserve energy and reduce your costs.

Checking all these furnace components on an annual basis will identify any problems early on and make sure that your furnace fires up without a problem on the first cold day of the year. Without regular maintenance, you may find yourself suffering through the cold till an HVAC repair technician can visit your home.


The Importance of SEER Ratings When Deciding The Most Energy Efficient Air Conditioner You Can Buy

In addition to looking for the ENERGY-STAR logo, you will also want to shop for AC units with a high Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio (SEER). In the past, air conditioners could have a SEER as low as 3 or 4. Today, AC units will range from 14 to 25 and most will offer around a 20 SEER. Keep in mind that AC units with a high SEER rating will also come with a higher price tag. You will certainly save more over time, but the most energy-efficient models will require more of an initial investment.

At the same time, energy-efficient AC units often come with manufacturer rebates and tax credits. You may be eligible for additional savings that can help offset the purchase price and make the investment more affordable.

To truly maximize energy efficiency, look for a variable-speed air conditioner. Traditionally, when the AC unit works to cool your home, it will work as hard as possible till the air reaches the right temperature. With a variable speed air conditioner, the compressor uses less force and gradually cools the air.

It is similar to the miles per gallon (MPG) rating for cars. If you are driving along and the speed limit goes from 45 mph to 60 mph, you may be tempted to punch the accelerator and reach top speed as soon as possible. However, if you slowly apply pressure and allow the car to gradually speed up to 60 mph, you will be maximizing your car’s efficiency and reducing your gas consumption. Most AC units have been designed to punch the gas, but newer variable speed options will help you get the most out of an efficient unit.

If you still aren’t sure if it is worth it to invest in a new AC unit, you may want to consider the cost of repairs and equipment. If you have an older model, you may find that you are having to call a repair technician more often. These visits can add up over time and also mean that you are having to deal with an uncomfortable home. With a newer air conditioner, you won’t have to deal with repairs and if there is an issue, your unit is probably still under warranty.

Repairing an older AC unit can also be expensive because parts will be harder to find. When supply is low prices go up and you may have to wait even longer as your repair technician hunts down the right equipment.

Energy-Efficient AC

While purchasing a new air conditioner can feel like a big investment, your HVAC system is one of the most important components of your home. If you are continuing to see your monthly utility bills rise and/or you are having to call the air conditioning repair technician more than you would like, you will be able to save money over time with a new, energy-efficient AC. Energy prices are likely to only continue to rise and the best solution for the environment and your wallet is energy-efficient appliances. Fortunately, today’s air conditioners operate more efficiently than ever before and come with plenty of features that are both convenient and help you reduce energy consumption.  If you live in the St Louis or St Charles area and would like to schedule a free estimate on a new energy efficient air conditioner, call or office at (314) 209-7500. You can also request a free estimate online by filling out the form below.

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