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At Superior Service, we understand that your furnace is the key piece to your home’s comfort during chilly winters. It’s not just a comfort provider; it’s also a significant investment in your property. That’s why we emphasize the importance of regular HVAC maintenance for homeowners in St. Louis and St. Charles.

A well-executed furnace tune-up is your best defense against winter’s biting cold. Routine care, cleaning, and tuning of your furnace will not only keep it operating at peak performance but also prevent costly repairs down the road.

Our expertise covers a wide range of furnace brands and their different fuel types, including:

Besides fuel type, we also specialize in troubleshooting furnaces with different operational stages: single-stage, two-stage, and variable speed. Our proficiency extends across numerous brands as well.

If you’re uncertain about the type of furnace you own or its unique requirements, rely on Superior Service for assistance. With our team’s extensive experience, we assure accurate and effective furnace servicing. Contact us for warranty information.

Furnace Maintenance Services We Offer

Our experienced professionals offer comprehensive furnace inspections to ensure your heating system is in top condition well before the temperature takes a nosedive.

During a furnace tune-up, our skilled technicians meticulously follow a maintenance checklist that includes these tasks:

1. Check ALL parts: This involves evaluating, cleaning, or replacing components such as the furnace filter, gas valve, blower motor, pilot light system, combustion chamber, flue pipe, ductwork, heat exchanger, dirty filters, and more.

2. Lubrication of moving parts: Proper lubrication ensures that your furnace operates smoothly and efficiently.

3. Exhaust system inspection: We thoroughly examine the exhaust system to guarantee that your furnace doesn’t release dangerous carbon monoxide into your home.

4. Ignition system testing: We verify the ignition system’s functionality to ensure your furnace starts reliably.

5. Electrical connections tightening: We inspect and tighten electrical power connections, enhancing the safety and efficiency of your furnace.

6. Fan belt tension adjustment: Proper fan belt tension helps maintain efficient airflow, which is crucial for consistent heating.

7. Ensure optimal heating output: We run the furnace in heating mode and record temperature readings from both the return air ducts and the supply ducts to be sure the heating output is within the manufacturer’s specifications.

8. Stop leakages: We check for corrosion and leaks in the gas line and other fuel supply components.

By leaving your furnace’s well-being and maintenance tasks up to us, you not only protect your heating system but also ensure the safety and comfort of your family.

The Cost of Furnace Maintenance

Our commitment to keeping your furnace in top shape is not only comprehensive but also affordable. For a single system, our furnace maintenance service is priced at just $85. Whether you reside in St. Louis County, St. Charles, St. Charles County, Warren County, or parts of Lincoln County, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to us at (314) 209-7500 or (636) 926-0000 to schedule your maintenance appointment today.

The Importance of Annual Furnace Maintenance

Furnace Cleaning

Our biggest furnace maintenance tip is to do a regular thorough cleaning.

Your furnace circulates warm air throughout your home, and if it’s dirty, it can spread dirt and grime as well, affecting your indoor air quality. While professional cleaning should be done annually, you can also watch for signs that your furnace needs attention.

1. Air Filter Check: Replace your air filter regularly, ideally every month. If it becomes clogged with dust and dirt within days, it’s a sign that your furnace needs cleaning.

2. Energy Bill Monitoring: Unusually high energy bills could indicate that your furnace is working harder due to dirt buildup.

3. Burner Flame Color Inspection: A clean furnace flame should be blue; a yellow or orange flame can indicate dirt buildup. Address this issue promptly, as a dirty furnace flame sensor may release deadly carbon monoxide, an odorless gas.eds cleaning.

The Ideal Time for a Furnace Check-Up

While furnace maintenance is beneficial at any time, it’s wise to schedule it in the summer, well before the heating season begins. Imagine the inconvenience of going to adjust your thermostat on the first cold day of winter and discovering your furnace doesn’t work.

By having a check-up earlier in the year, you can identify and address any issues, ensure optimal efficiency, and enjoy a cozy home when winter arrives.

Don’t wait until a problem arises; schedule your furnace check-up today by calling (314) 209-7500. Our experienced technicians will promptly:

  1. Inspect your furnace for inefficiencies.
  2. Clean away dirt and debris.
  3. Lubricate essential components.
  4. Make any necessary repairs.

Trust Superior Service to keep your home warm, energy-efficient, and safe throughout the winter months.

Furnace Maintenance Near You

If you live in or around the St. Louis or St. Charles County areas, we can provide you with the best in affordable and thorough furnace repair and maintenance services. With our HVAC system services, you can rest assured that your furnace is in good working order.

With our prompt response times and experienced professionals, you can have a highly-trained heating and air conditioning technician at your home in no time at all.

Scheduling an HVAC service on your heater or air conditioner is just a phone call away.

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