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Why A New HVAC System Could Make Sense If Your System Is Over 10 Years Old

A new HVAC system is often a significant home expense many homeowners tend to put off as long as possible. After all, your heating and cooling equipment is often out of sight out of mind. However, knowing the status of your heating and cooling system can help you save money when it comes time for a replacement.

How Long Should Your Current System Last Before Upgrading To A New HVAC System?

There are multiple factors that go into how long you should hold on to your old HVAC system before deciding to replace it.  HVAC equipment can last anywhere between 10-30 years, however, most replacements we see in St Louis usually take place between years 15 and 20.  That’s not to say there are benefits of upgrading your system after only 10 years.  Factors that can dictate the lifespan of an HVAC system include:

  • Average Run Time Per Day
  • The Amount & Type Of Repairs On The Existing Equipment
  • How Well The HVAC System Has Been Maintained Throughout Its Life
  • Exposure To Contaminants Or Corrosive Elements
  • Availability to HVAC Parts & Components For Existing HVAC System
  • The Size Of Your System Compared To The Square Footage It Is Heating and Cooling

It’s important to note furnaces generally have a longer lifespan due to not being exposed to outdoor elements that air conditioning units must battle.  There is also the coolant factor.  Many of the air conditioners that are 10 years or older run on r22 refrigerant.  As r22 is being phased out due to environmental regulations, the price has been on a sharp incline per pound.  This variable has been a major deciding factor for homeowners when making the decision to repair or replace their AC unit.

New High Efficiency HVAC Systems

New HVAC system equipment has come a long way over the last decade. Most of the innovation has been driven by homeowners looking to make their homes more energy-efficient. Which makes perfect sense given that heating and cooling on average are responsible for almost 50% of your home’s total energy consumption.

In addition to technological advances in higher energy efficiency, many of the new HVAC system upgrades often come with great rebates provided by local energy companies. Even the manufactures often run rebate programs to help entice homeowners into making the switch.

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Technological Improvements On New HVAC Systems

Below outlines some major changes in how new HVAC systems are manufactured to help improve efficiency and performance.

PSC Motors Vs ECM Motors

Most of the high-efficiency HVAC systems now run on ECM Motors.  An ECM motor stands for Electronically Commutated Motor.  This allows your system to perform at the variable seed.  Reaching maximum speed only when your home desperately needs to be heated or cooled.  PSC motors only function by turning on and off.  Because PSC motors do not have the ability to perform at variable speeds, it remains at one constant speed when operating.  Having a new HVAC system with an ECM motor can help reduce energy usage by up to 75% depending on the home.  All while keeping your home temperatures more consistent even throughout extreme temperatures.

Noise Control

This speaks more towards furnaces than AC units due to being inside.  Noise control has been a major upgrade on a lot of newer home furnaces.  Most new furnaces now come to equip with components such as noise baffles, better-insulated panels, and motors that operate much quieter.  Especially with variable speed motors that don’t cause that drastic on and off the sound.

System Control & Smart Wifi Thermostats

More and more homes are investing in smart thermostats to help optimize their heating and cooling usage.  Almost all of the new equipment has technology built into the control board to help facilitate these wifi thermostats.  When fully set up correctly, homeowners can monitor their energy usage and even control their thermostat from a smartphone.

Available Financing For Your New HVAC System

Forking over a lump sum in order to replace your HVAC system can often be difficult for the average homeowner.  At Superior, we offer multiple financing options designed to fit your specific lending needs.  Our team works with you on helping secure the best financing terms, so you can enjoy the comfort of a new HVAC system without breaking the bank.

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