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HVAC ductwork and filtration systems keeps your home’s air filtered and circulating all year round. So when this special ductwork is in disrepair, it could affect the comfort of your entire living space. In these cases, you don’t have to worry about grabbing a flashlight and braving your dusty crawlspace to figure out what’s wrong. Superior Service’s team of NATE-certified experts can perform the HVAC ductwork services you need, when you need them, at prices you can be proud of.


Your home is unique, and the type of duct materials in your home could affect your air duct system‘s performance. There are 3 major types of ductwork in the United States: fiberglass, fiberboard, and sheet metal ducts. Fortunately, our team of NATE-certified experts has plenty of experience working with all types of air duct systems.

HVAC duct system services we offer include:

  • Regular maintenance work
  • Duct sealing services, including sealing air leaks
  • Blower repairs
  • HVAC unit replacement
  • Connector and transition replacement
  • Air filter replacement
  • Damper and diffuser installation
  • Total HVAC installation services
  • HVAC system troubleshooting
  • Air handler repair
  • Duct design and installation
  • Helping you find rebates on new, high energy efficiency air duct pipes

Signs Your HVAC Ductwork Needs Servicing

The ductwork in your home isn’t always visible, meaning that you will often need to rely on other cues that something is wrong with your current system. Signs that your ductwork needs servicing include:

  • Random cold spots
  • High energy bills
  • Weak airflow
  • Noticeably poor indoor air quality

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