Bathtub Replacement

Why Should You Replace Your Bathtub?

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Whether you want to complete an ambitious bathroom remodel project or simply want to replace an old tub, we at Superior Service want to be your first and only call. With our decades of experience working in the St. Louis, Missouri area, we know how to complete these projects to your complete satisfaction.

Is it time to replace your old bathtub? Do you:

  • Have ambitious home improvement and refinishing projects that will take you time and tools you don’t currently have?
  • Want to add a new shower head to your standard tub but aren’t sure how to do so?
  • Have a high-end, brand-new tub with a strict warranty that could be void with improper DIY installation?
  • Have a bathroom with extensive water damage and mildew buildup along shower walls, drywall, and subfloors?
  • Have an existing tub that requires constant costly repairs that could be mitigated with the installation of an entirely new tub?

If you answered Yes! to any of these questions, then it’s time to contact the experts at Superior Service. We have the tools and expertise needed to complete these projects right and on schedule, every time.

Types of Bathtubs We Replace and Install

When an old bathtub no longer works the way it should, it’s time to contact the Superior experts. We’ve handled, replaced, and repaired all types of tubs.


We install units made different types of tub materials, including:

  • Acrylic tubs
  • Fiberglass tubs
  • Cast iron tubs
  • Enameled steel tubs


We install a variety of bathtub styles, including:

  • Walk-in tubs
  • Clawfoot tubs
  • Freestanding tubs
  • Corner drop-in tubs
  • Soaking tubs
  • Jetted tubs and whirlpool tubs
  • Standard tub and shower combo
  • Alcove tubs


In addition to installing new tubs, our expert plumbers can also improve your current bathtub by:

  • Replacing or repairing broken faucets
  • Unclogging bathtub drains
  • Repairing or replacing floor joists and studs
  • Installing bathtub surrounds

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