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Water Heater Repair Services We Offer

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We’re the HVAC specialists proudly serving homeowners in St. Louis and the surrounding areas, no matter their specific water heater needs.

We service all types of water heaters, including electric water heaters, gas water heaters, tankless water heaters, and more.

Water heater services we offer include:

  • Complete water heater replacement services
  • New water heater installation services
  • Water heater problem troubleshooting
  • Water heater maintenance services
  • Descaling calcium carbonate buildups in water supply lines
  • Replacing anode rods ruined by corrosion
  • Removing sediment from the bottom of the tank
  • Relighting pilot lights
  • Replacing faulty heating elements
  • Removing blockages from water heater venting

Common Water Heater Issues (and What Causes Them)

How can you tell if your water heater has issues? It may not always be obvious, but the following could indicate that it’s time for professional help:

  • No hot water – Only cold water coming out of your faucets could be due to any number of issues, some as simple as a tripped circuit breaker, blown fuses, or even safety switch shut-offs.
  • High utility bills – Older systems have poor energy efficiency ratings and are more likely to use more energy than newer models, which could result in higher monthly bills.
  • Leaky water tank – A defective pressure relief valve is the most common source of leaks in water heaters.
  • Faulty thermostat – A faulty thermostat could be the result of tripped reset buttons or faulty wiring.
  • Poor water pressure – Low pressure could be due to any number of issues, including leaks as well as scale and sediment buildup.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems (or more!) contact us today.

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Our sewer camera inspections reveal a range of common plumbing issues:

  • Clogs and Blockages: Debris, grease, or foreign objects can build up in drain lines, causing backups that require drain cleaning.
  • Tree Roots: Tree roots can infiltrate sewer pipes, leading to serious blockages and damage.
  • Corrosion: Over time, drain pipes can corrode, resulting in leaks and a weakened sewer system.
  • Bellied or Sagging Pipes: Sections of the sewer line may sink, creating low spots that trap waste and cause backups.
  • Cracks and Leaks: Cracks and leaks can lead to water infiltration or sewage escaping into the surrounding soil.
  • Deteriorating Pipes: Old or poorly maintained pipes can deteriorate, leading to frequent issues.

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