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What are Grinder Pump Systems?

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Proper sewage disposal and treatment is an integral part of keeping any community healthy. One great way to properly dispose of sewage for homeowners in the St. Louis area? Residential grinder pump systems. This method of waste disposal is perfect for homes that are part of a lower-pressure sewer system, are located downhill from a sewer main, or for when it is not otherwise feasible to install a gravity sewer line.

Also called

  • Submersible grinder pump stations
  • Sewage grinder pumps

Grinder pump systems are methods of controlling waste for both commercial and residential properties.

They work like this:

  • Waste—including human waste and wastewater—collects in a holding tank, which is often made of fiberglass.
  • When the collecting tank reaches a certain capacity, the (usually exterior) control panel automatically kicks the centrifugal pump into gear. Impellers (usually made of cast iron or stainless steel) turn wastewater and solid wastes into a slurry.
  • A simplex or duplex lift station transports the slurry to a public sewage system or wastewater treatment plant.

The primary advantage of grinder pump systems over other popular methods of waste disposal, including sump pumps and sewage ejector pumps, is that grinder pumps can break down waste to a more manageable size, which can help save water and reduce the likelihood of clogs. The disadvantages of grinder pumps, however, are that they often produce greater horsepower than sump and sewage pumps, meaning they use more electricity. Furthermore, they are not ideal to use with septic tanks, as septic systems need solids and liquids to be separate in order for proper waste treatment to occur, which isn’t possible with the slurry produced by grinder pumps.

Our Grinder Pump Services

Our Superior NATE-certified technicians are qualified to both repair old grinder pumps and install new ones.

Repairs may be necessary when the wrong items make their way through your sewage system, like diapers and menstrual products, which can cause damage to your system’s impellers. Other times, it may be that your system is made of materials susceptible to corrosion and need replacing.

When repair isn’t possible, it may be time to install a new grinder pump entirely. Rest assured that we are a distributor of (and have experience installing) many major brands of high-HP grinder pump systems, including Liberty pumps, Zoeller pumps, and more


We do more than grinder pump installation and repairs. Other HVAC and plumbing services we offer include:

  • Sump pump repair
  • Effluent pump repair
  • Faucet installation
  • Drain cleaning
  • Whole house air purifier installation
  • And much more

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