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Navien Water Heater Service and Repair in St. Louis, Missouri

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At Superior Service, we don’t just think of ourselves as a heating and cooling company. We’re also an indoor comfort company. We make it possible for St. Louis-area households to feel comfortable every season with our expert HVAC repair and routine maintenance services of Navien products.

Superior Comfort with Naviens

We want to be your Navien service specialist. We may be able to help you save money on energy bills by repairing and maintaining your Navien equipment. Some of the HVAC and plumbing services we offer include:

We service and repair all makes and models of Navien products, including the following:

Navien Tankless Water Heaters

Navien offers several series of energy-efficient tankless water heaters, including condensing and non-condensing models. Tankless heaters offer enhanced energy savings by only heating water when it is needed, rather than keeping an entire tank of water heated with a more traditional tank system.

Condensing tankless water heaters:

  • NPE-A2 Series: NPE-180A2, NPE-210A2, NPE-240A2
  • NPE-S2 Series: NPE-150S2, NPE-180S2, NPE-210S2, NPE-240S2

Non-condensing tankless water heaters:

  • NHW-AI Series: NHW-160AI, NHW-180AI, NHW-199AI
  • NHW-AE Series: NHW-160AE, NHW-180AE, NHW-199AE
  • NPN-U Series: NPN-160U, NPN-180U, NPN-199U
  • NPN-E Series: NPN-160E, NPN-180E, NPN-199E

Navien Boilers

Navien boilers offer greater energy efficiency compared to standard boilers. Even better, the brand’s NFB-H and NHB-H series are both Energy Star certified and come with 10-year warranties on heat exchangers.

Condensing boilers:

  • NFB-H Series: NFB-175H, NFB-200H
  • NHB Series: NFB-175H, NFB-200H, NHB-110, NHB-150
  • NHB-H Series: NHB-55H, NHB-80H, NHB-110H, NHB-150H

Navien Combi-Boilers

Navien Energy Star-certified tankless combination boilers offer home heating and water heating functionality in one unit, meaning homeowners can save money and space with one appliance.

Combination boilers:

  • NCB-H Series: NCB-190/060H, NCB-190/080H, NCB-240/110H, NCB-240/130H, NCB-250/150H
  • NFC-H Series: NFC-250/175H, NFC-250/200H

Navien Water Treatment Systems

Navien’s PeakFlow® Series reduces lime and calcium buildup to improve energy efficiency and longevity of boilers and water heaters. The series is eco-friendly as well, as it descales water without the use of chemicals or salt.

Scale prevention systems:

  • PeakFlow® Series: PeakFlow®S, PeakFlow®A

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