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Superior Service is the St. Louis-area HVAC company dedicated to providing homeowners with the HVAC equipment necessary to keep homes safe and comfortable all year long. While cold water might feel great on a hot summer day, having only cold water available due to heating system malfunctions can be a nightmare. In these cases, using a hot water heater from a trusted brand like Bradford White can be the right solution.

Bradford White Water Heaters are American Strong®, built to withstand even the toughest conditions. Superior Service proudly services these residential water heaters so that every home can get back to living comfortably right away.

The Right Water Heater Solutions for Your Home

Part of what makes Bradford White stand apart from the competition is its proprietary technology, including the following that can be found in many Bradford White products*:

  • The Hydrojet® Total Performance system, which reduces sediment buildup to extend the life of the equipment.
  • Vitraglas® tank lining, which is resistant to corrosion and uses Microban® technology to make each tank safer from bacterial growth and other harmful growths.
  • The Defender Safety System®, which improves home safety with flammable vapor ignition resistant (FVIR) technology to reduce the odds of flammable vapors escaping from the HVAC system.
  • The Eco-Defender Safety System®, which results in fewer NOx (nitrous oxide) emissions.
  • The ICON System®, which offers superior temperature control for maximum energy savings.
  • Scale Reduction Technology™ (SRT), which reduces scale buildup.

*The technology listed here is found in many, but not ALL, products from this brand.

Bradford White offers many different types of water heaters (and rebates on most equipment), so that all homes can find the solution that works for them and their budget.

Natural Gas Water Heaters

These heaters use the power of natural gas to heat large volumes of water at once while incorporating safety technology to reduce flammable hazards and NOx emissions while boosting energy efficiency. The brand offers the following series of natural gas water heaters:

  • Atmospheric Vent Gas Models
  • Atmospheric Vent Fan Assist Gas Models
  • Power Vent Gas Models
  • Direct Vent Gas Models
  • High Efficiency eF Series® Power Vent Gas Models
  • High Efficiency eF Series® Power Direct Vent Models
  • Atmospheric Vent High Input Gas Models
  • Manufactured Home Direct Vent Gas Models

Electric Water Heaters

Electric water heaters are typically far more energy efficient than their gas-powered counterparts and come with the added benefit of no harmful emissions. Bradford White offers 6 to 55-gallon tank water heaters powered by electricity, meaning that households can find a water storage tank capacity that works for the space they have.

These electric water heaters are available in the following series:

  • Upright Electric Models
  • Lowboy Electric Models
  • Utility Electric Models
  • PC® Powerful Compact Electric Models

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Heat pumps might have a higher upfront cost but can quickly pay for themselves in energy savings. AeroTherm® ENERGY STAR®-certified heat pump water heaters from Bradford White can especially boost energy savings in addition to being more environmentally friendly than other varieties of water heaters.

  • AeroTherm® Series Heat Pump (RE) with Bradford White Connect™ Models
  • AeroTherm® Series Heat Pump (RE) Models (ENERGY STAR certified)

Tankless Water Heaters

Built to be the Best®, Bradford White‘s tankless water heaters offer endless supplies of hot water while eliminating the need for bulky tanks. This brand’s tankless heaters also come with limited 15-year warranties and the ability to work with natural gas or propane.

Bradford White offers the following tankless water heater series:

  • Infiniti® GS Tankless Models
  • Infiniti® GR Tankless Models
  • Infiniti® L Series Tankless Models
  • Infiniti® K Series Tankless (Condensing) Gas Water Heater Indoor Models

Indirect Water Heaters

Indirect water heaters are perfect for homes that use boilers. Bradford White offers the following series of indirect water heaters:

  • PowerStor Series® Single Wall Indirect Models
  • PowerStor2 Series® Double Wall Indirect Models
  • PowerStor Series® SS Indirect Models

Other Water Heating Products

Bradford White Brute® boilers offer the power to heat homes and water all year, with the brand offering the following series of boilers:

  • Brute FT® Wall-Hung Boilers Models
  • Brute FT® Wall-Hung Combination Boilers Modes
  • Brute FT® Floor Standing Boilers Models
  • Brute FT® Floor Standing Combination Boilers Models
  • Brute® Mini Models
  • Brute® Series Models

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