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It’s no secret that St Louis weather can do funny things that affect your indoor comfort. In the Summer, the moisture levels in the air can be unbearable. But because air conditioning units often have a dehumidifying component to them, your indoor comfort is not as affected during the warm weather seasons. The Winter is a completely different story.

Why Humidifier Installation In St Louis Makes Sense

Have you ever noticed how it feels brutally cold inside your home despite the thermostat stating your indoor temperature is at 74 degrees?  When temperatures start to drop during the winter months, it often brings extreme dry air with it. Dry air often feels much colder. Especially for St Louis residents that grow accustomed to humid air during the Spring and Summer.  This causes your indoor air to have low humidity levels and feel much colder than what your thermostat reads. What makes this worse is that we usually spend much more time inside our homes during the winter than we do in the Summer.

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Reasons To Consider A Furnace Humidifier Installation

Maintaining proper humidity levels inside your home not only increases indoor air comfort but can also save you money.  Here are some key indications you may consider being in the market for a furnace humidifier installation:

  1. Constantly Wearing Socks and Shoes Indoors– Even if it is freezing cold outside, a home with proper humidity levels should always feel warm inside.  If your thermostat is reading above 70 degrees and you still can’t ditch your socks and shoes due to your toes feeling cold, there is a good chance a furnace humidifier installation will instantly increase your comfort inside your home.
  2. High Energy Bills– Homeowners with low indoor humidity levels will often raise the temperature of their thermostat up much higher than necessary to try and offset feeling so cold.  What you are left with at the end of the month is a high utility bill. Homes with whole-house humidifiers often don’t face this issue as lower temperatures provide more comfort while using a fraction of the energy to do so.
  3. Excessive Sweating At Night– When your home is set at 75 degrees, you probably feel cold when you get under the covers at night.  But as you sleep through the night, your body heat often traps humid air under the covers. Now you are sleeping in 75-degree temperatures with proper humidity levels.  This explains waking up in the middle of the night covered in sweat. Then to make things worse, you feel even colder when you shed blankets leaving you feeling either very cold or very hot.

Superior Humidifier Installation Services

Superior Heating and Cooling offers a variety of different whole-house humidifiers for St Louis and St Charles homeowners.  We offer free estimates on all new furnace humidifier installations at affordable rates. Our comfort specialists have experience in assessing the size of a home to fit the right whole house humidifier that will maximize comfort.  When installing whole-house humidifiers, our team arrives on time, ready to install the system on the spot.

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