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This week on Tech Tips we are going to discuss the price hike in refrigerants this year.

As we all know, prices for everything are up in 2022 and unfortunately the HVAC industry isn’t immune. However, there are some reasons for the price hike outside of inflation that are important to note as well.

Every three years the EPA makes changes to the efficiency ratings of HVAC equipment, but they also oversee the phase out of older refrigerants like R-22 that are harmful to the environment. Over the last several years R-22 has completed its phase out and is no longer in production. This means that because there is no more supply being produced and demand is high, the price will continue to rise as inventory of R-22 supply continues to dwindle.

While this is obviously concerning if you have an R-22 AC system it’s also important to note that you have options to avoid astronomical refrigerant costs like the Superior Refrigerant Guarantee program. If you’re part of our Refrigerant Guarantee program you’re eligible for up to $1,300 off a new HVAC system. We hope that his can help ease the transition for our customers to move away from expensive R-22 systems and to more efficient HVAC systems.

Aside from supply and demand pushing costs up for R-22 refrigerant, supply chain issues have been a problem for the HVAC industry like many others through the COVID-19 Pandemic. As the supply chain continues to improve, we expect prices on equipment and parts to stabilize, but due to huge demand during the AC season and the expected demand of equipment in the fall for the heating season, we do expect to see shortages as the Summer goes on.

So if you know your AC is probably on its last leg and will need to be replaced, we recommend you do it sooner while inventory is available instead of waiting for the hottest part of the summer.

If you’re looking for more information on the Refrigerant guarantee or a new Bryant AC system, you can head over to our website www.superiorhvacstl.com or give us a call and ask for a comfort specialist.

Thank you for checking out tech tips and come back next week for a new one!

What Does the r22 refrigerant “Phase Out” Involve?

In 2018, the United States began limiting the amount of r22 refrigerant that could be produced or imported. This process was meant to help the country comply with the Montreal Protocol, which is an international treaty designed to protect the ozone. As of January 1, 2020, the phase-out has been completed and no new r22 will be allowed. As a result, r22 will be increasingly difficult to purchase.

R22 is being replaced with a new refrigerant called r410a, which has been shown to have almost zero effect on the environment. R410a is significantly different that r22 and requires more pressure to operate correctly. For this reason, most existing ac units will not be able to handle r410a and will need to be completely replaced.

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What are the Benefits of r410a?

Not only does r410a prevent the ozone from depleting, it is also more energy-efficient. It can absorb and release heat more efficiently and is compatible with more modern units, so users will spend less on utility bills while also reducing environmental impact.

How Can I Recharge My AC Unit?

If your air conditioning unit needs to be recharged or repaired, you may be able to purchase r22 refrigerant although a limited supply means that prices have skyrocketed and your repair bill will be substantially more expensive than in the past.

With some units, you may be able to invest in a retrofit or conversion so that it is compatible with new refrigerants. Keep in mind that this isn’t an option for all models, so you might want to have your unit inspected before you run into problems.

Finally, you can be proactive about replacing your ac unit. While this can be costly, it may be the best way to ensure that you don’t spend weeks during the heat of summer waiting for HVAC services. As you might imagine, there will be plenty of other customers who need their units repaired or replaced and you don’t want to be stuck without ac while HVAC companies try to deal with an increase in demand.

Checking all these furnace components on an annual basis will identify any problems early on and make sure that your furnace fires up without a problem on the first cold day of the year. Without regular maintenance, you may find yourself suffering through the cold till an HVAC repair technician can visit your home.


What are the Benefits of Replacing AC Units?

While you might not be excited about the prospect of having to replace your ac unit, there are some benefits and financial incentives that will help make the transition more cost-effective. Replacing your old unit with a newer, more energy-efficient model will help you reduce cooling costs. These monthly savings will quickly add up and help offset replacement costs.

In addition, the government is currently offering significant tax breaks for those who have to invest in a new unit. In fact, you can claim the entire cost of the system, which means thousands of dollars in savings. If you are on the fence about whether you should replace it now or wait until the unit breaks down, keep in mind that these tax breaks aren’t permanent and could be eliminated next year.

Individual cities, manufacturers and utility companies are also offering various incentives and rebates to help everyone make the transition. Be sure to research options to make sure you enjoy the most savings possible.

The switch from r22 to r410a may present a temporary inconvenience along with extra costs, but ultimately, it will help to protect the environment and provide customers with better, more efficient cooling solutions. To avoid further inconveniences, be sure to talk to your HVAC specialist as soon as possible. They will be able to determine whether you can retrofit your existing unit and help walk you through the replacement process. Being proactive now is the best way to make sure that you don’t have to deal with a malfunctioning ac unit when the weather is warm and demand for repair services is at its peak.

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