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This week on tech tips we’re going to discuss probably the most common misconception we see. The set temperature on your thermostat.

All too often we hear from customers that they’ve set their thermostat to 60 to cool it down faster and when it doesn’t cool down faster oftentimes they’re upset, but unfortunately that’s not how your AC system works.

Many people may think of how your AC works in your car, where you set it to 70 and the car automatically gets it to 70 degrees and keeps the air temperature of your car at 70 degrees. Well the AC system in your home doesn’t work that way. In your home your system won’t blow the air at the temperature set on your thermostat, but rather it will remove humidity from your home to lower the temperature and make your home more comfortable.

If you set your temperature to 60 in your house to cool it down faster, your AC won’t cool faster than if you set it at 70. Instead it will run longer trying to remove the humidity from your home and cool it to 60 over a period of time. Unlike a car which will blow the air at 70 degrees and maintain that temperature.

Now on the contrary if you find you’re constantly adjusting the temperature lower in your home to keep it cool you may have a problem with your AC unit that it’s no longer functioning as it should. The first thing to check is your Furnace filter and make sure you have good airflow, if that doesn’t fix the problem and your home still isn’t cooling, you may need a service call to have your system checked.

If you’re not seeing your home cool properly or you think that you may need a service call to evaluate how your system is functioning, Call us at Superior Heating Cooling Plumbing today and we will make sure a technician gets your home cooling again.

Thank you for checking out Tech Tips and we will see you next week for a new tip!

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