When you lose hot water or notice a leak around your water heater, it is easy to think I can fix it myself. While we do not doubt your handyman abilities, there are many variables to consider before attempting to DIY a repair or replacement of the entire unit yourself. If you repair or install a water heater improperly, it can be a hazardous and costly thing. Whether it be a little issue like operation inefficiency or a major problem like a carbon monoxide leak, a seemingly easy weekend project can become a major headache.

So while we aren’t going to scare you into calling a professional, here are our top five reasons why you should:

1. Water Pressure:

There is something extraordinary about a hot shower with excellent water pressure to wash the day away. However, a newly installed water heater that doesn’t have the proper pressure adjustments can be a costly expense, and that can prevent those relaxing showers. Too much water pressure running through the equipment can put added strain on the components, leading to malfunction, leaks, or complete system failure, along with other appliances. By hiring a licensed professional, they can test the water pressure to ensure the correct levels are moving through the water heater to ensure a longer system lifespan.


2. Fuel Supply

While many YouTube videos make installing a water heater look easy, misinformation can be costly and put your family at risk. Miscommunication about understanding the fuel supply for your water heater is one topic we frequently see online. A licensed professional will be able to identify the correct fuel supply for your home and test it to ensure that the supply is constant. This ensures that your system works efficiently and prevents unnecessary wear and tear on the equipment.

Understand the fuel supply type for your water heater.

3. Location. Location. Location:

Even though your hot water heater is in one place in your house, it doesn’t mean it is in the correct spot. The unit’s location can be a significant determining factor in the life span of a water heater. If an area is susceptible to flooding or extreme moisture, it can cause excessive corrosion, thus shortening the lifespan of the equipment. If you have a gas-fueled water heater, the added moisture can limit the amount of combustible air in the area, which can cause inefficiencies and possible system failure. If you hire a licensed technician, they can analyze the environment and recommend the unit’s placement. They can also reposition any connection points if moving the water heater is the best option for your home.


Placement of your water heater matters in your home.

4. Exhaust Ventilation:

Whether you have a gas or electric water heater, installing a new system with proper ventilation is critical to ensuring your family’s safety. One example is if old or defective flue piping still needs to be repaired or replaced. This simple oversight can cause a significant carbon monoxide issue that can be dangerous. A licensed technician will evaluate all components of the hot water system and identify the solution for the entire problem instead of just treating one or two symptoms of what is causing the issues.


Every residential water heater should be adequately ventilated for safety.

5. YouTube Personalities aren’t licensed professionals:

When an issue with your water heater needs repair, it is easy to try and fix it yourself to save money and time. However, searching for your issue online with a video tutorial on fixing it can be a costly mistake. First, you don’t know where the information comes from. There is no verification that the person, who seems credible on camera, is trained or has the necessary licenses to make recommendations on fixing your issue. On top of that, they may have edited out part of the video where they made a huge mistake and had to call someone to fix it. So regarding repair and installation projects in your home, it is always good to get a professional opinion and not simply trust ‘Google University.’

YouTube advice can be a costly mistake when it comes to water heaters and HVAC.

While there are other reasons why you should always trust a licensed technician with your water heating equipment, this list helps explain why DIY isn’t always the answer.

At Superior Service, all of our technicians undergo rigorous training and testing to ensure they are equipped with the latest information to fix our customers’ problems correctly the first time. Going above state-mandated licensing with continued education and NATE Certification allows us to provide superior customer service and satisfaction. Call us today to book a free estimate and get more information about water heater options for your home.

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