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Deciding whether you should repair or replace your air conditioning unit can be a difficult task. After all, you’d want to make sure that you’re choosing the option that is well-worth your money. So, we’ve come up with a quick guide to help you in this matter:

1. Look at Its age

Do you have a 15-year old AC unit? Did you just have it serviced last quarter and it’s broken again today? Air conditioning units often have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. So, if you have a unit that is over 15 years old and it is acting up, it might be better to call for an AC installation service in St. Charles.

2. Multiply the Repair Cost by Unit Age

Having a new unit installed costs from $500 to $5,000. The exact price is based on the brand of unit you’ve chosen, your location, and other additional installation items, such as ductwork. On the other hand, repair costs vary depending on the materials needed and the difficulty level of the task.

To know if you’re making the right decision, multiply the repair cost by the age of your unit and see if it’s less than the cost of replacement. The rationale behind this is that older units tend to break down more often. So, let’s say a contractor quotes a $300 cost for the repair issue of your unit. Multiply $300 by 13 (the age of your unit, for instance), and you’ll get $3,900, which could be less than the installation cost of a new air conditioner in your area. If this is the case, go with the repair. Otherwise, start shopping for a new unit.

3. Check the Monthly Energy Bills

When torn between repairing and replacing your unit, consider your energy bills, too. If you have noticed that your monthly bills keep rising, but your electric company hasn’t increased the rates, then it’s better to replace your unit than to merely repair it. Look for a new unit with an Energy Star to make sure you won’t incur high energy bills again.

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