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This week on tech tips we’re talking about heat pumps and how they might be a good choice for your house.

So you’re probably thinking, “what is a heat pump”? Well:

A heat pump is part of a heating and cooling system and is installed outside your home. Like an air conditioner, it can cool your home, but it’s also capable of providing heat. In cooler months, a heat pump pulls heat from the cold outdoor air and transfers it indoors, and in warmer months, it pulls heat out of indoor air to cool your home. They are powered by electricity and transfer heat using refrigerant to provide comfort all year round. Because they handle both cooling and heating, homeowners may not need to install separate systems to heat their homes. In colder climates, an electric heat strip can be added to the indoor fan coil for additional capabilities. Heat pumps do not burn fossil fuel like furnaces do, making them more environmentally friendly.

So how does it work?

Heat pumps do not create heat. They redistribute heat from the air or ground and use a refrigerant that circulates between the indoor fan coil (air handler) unit and the outdoor compressor to transfer the heat.

In cooling mode, a heat pump absorbs heat inside your home and releases it outdoors. In heating mode, the heat pump absorbs heat from the ground or outside air (even cold air) and releases it indoors.

You’re probably thinking, what happens when it’s below freezing outside. In colder regions, heat pumps can also be combined with furnaces for energy-efficient heating on all but the coldest days. When the temperature outside drops too low for the heat pump to operate effectively, the system will instead use the furnace to generate heat. This kind of system is often called a dual fuel system – it is very energy efficient and cost effective

However, Bryant has developed the Evolution Extreme heat pump that can operate at temperatures below freezing which can continue to save you money and keep your HVAC system functioning efficiently.

So if you’re thinking about adding a heat pump or looking for a new HVAC system, give Superior Heating & Cooling a call!

Thank you for checking out Tech Tips and we will be back with a new tip next week!

Look at the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

One of the first things to look at is when you would be using your AC unit most. Some work best in autumn and summer; others work best in springtime. Others are made for winter use and often come with heat pumps added into their AC units to produce hot and cold air.

For that reason, you can find that investing in a good quality AC unit with heat pumps included makes sense. This can be quite useful, and leave you with a high-quality system that works all year round.

Also, pay attention to the general efficiency rating: a good quality HVAC platform is always high on the efficiency rating. Typically, anything with a 14 SEER rating can be trusted to do the job expected.

Pay Attention to the Cooling Output

Whether you buy an air conditioner or heat pump, one of the issues you will need to contend with is dealing with the cooling output. It might use a gas furnace on the heat pumps, for example, that can be harder to manage for the best cooling output.

You might also find that your AC units need to be better managed due to space. Make sure that your central air conditioner can provide you with the efficiency levels needed for your particular size of the property. Too little cooling output for the size of your home will make air conditioning installations academic. Always ensure it’s big enough to do the job needed.

Ease of Use

Another part of the process that you should look at is the ease of use. For example, the new Bryant Evolution System is more than good enough to help improve ease of use for your gas furnace. This will help to make sure you always have total control over what is going on, helping you to get a high energy efficiency SEER ratio as well as better seasonal energy efficiency ratio output.

This is all very important and will make it very easy for you to make the right choice moving forward. If you look at the ease of use, high-quality cooling output, long-term suitability, and efficiency levels, you can make a far more intelligent investment.

From a high-efficiency option to making sure it’s an evolution system you can enjoy using, you’ll find this choice all make it much easier to get the best air conditioner or heat pump for your own needs. A bit of planning and research can go an exceptionally long way!

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