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How Can an Air Scrubber Help After Basement Flooding?

This week on Tech Tips we’re talking about how an Air Scrubber could help you clean up after flooding in your basement.

Unfortunately it’s not uncommon in the St. Louis area for basements to flood and this year has been no exception. We’ve seen widespread flooding throughout the summer. So after the water goes down then the work begins, but what happens to the things you can’t see during clean up?

Oftentimes when basement floods it’s due to two things, storm runoff or sewage back up and with both come their own challenges with bacteria and airborne particles after the water recedes. So while you’re cleaning surfaces and getting rid of flood damaged items you’re spreading harmful airborne particles through the air. This is where Air Scrubber comes in, with Air Scrubber you can rest easy knowing no matter what gets put into the air it’s working to keep your air safe and clean.

Using the same technology astronauts use on the International Space Station, the Air Scrubber treats air as it passes through your HVAC system so nothing is missed. It does this by using ionization to render harmful particles and pathogens inert. So you can not only protect yourself during flood clean up but you can also protect yourself from viruses like the flu and COVID-19.

Air Scrubber has been proven to kill 99.99% of harmful airborne particles and it’s a must have during clean up projects where mold and bacteria are a concern.

If you’d like to learn more about Air Scrubber or get one for your home, give us a call at Superior Heating & Cooling and ask for a comfort specialist to help you.

Thanks for checking out Tech Tips this week and we will see you next week with a brand new one!

Air Scrubber Plus

If improving the quality of the air inside your home is priority number one, then the Air Scrubber Plus® with ActivePure™ technology is probably the product for you. It uses a combination of UV light and a honeycomb surface to create a catalytic reaction throughout the ductwork of your HVAC system. The hardware itself is hooked up to a furnace or air handler by an HVAC technician. As air is filtered through your system, the air scrubber effectively attracts the indoor contaminants, then eliminates them on contact.

The Air Scrubber Plus® boasts technology backed by NASA for use in the International Space Station, which is designed to simulate the way trees help naturally clean outdoor air. The process creates enviroscrubbing molecules such as oxygen and hydrogen to combat air pollutants inside your home. Not only does the Air Scrubber Plus® help eliminate airborne contaminants, but it also helps drastically reduce surface contaminants.

Indoor Air Pollutants The Air Scrubber Plus® Helps Eliminate

  • Toxins Found In Cigarettes
  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Odors Caused By Cooking
  • Mold
  • Odor-Causing Bacteria
  • Pet Dandruff
  • Odors Caused By Pets

Emerson Electric Media Air Cleaner

The Emerson air cleaner is a model in practicality when it comes to IAQ. It’s affordable and effective. Unlike a lot of baseline air cleaners that can only pick up relatively large particles, the Emerson Media Air Cleaner can remove particles as tiny as a single micron. Emerson also gives you an option to upgrade from the standard MERV 8 filter to the MERV 11 where you will experience up to 30 times more efficiency compared to a fiberglass filter.

Aprilaire Humidifier Models 500/600/700

Most associate the benefits of a whole-house humidifier with the cold season. During the Winter, the air becomes extremely dry, but why would you feel the need to install a humidifier in the Spring? Outside of producing moisture inside your home, most humidifiers today also gauge the air and maintain proper humidity levels. This is extremely helpful during the hot months of the year. Even when the air outside is extremely humid, your AC system will usually mitigate those factors due to the cold air an AC unit produces being rather dry.

Sometimes, especially if your AC unit is constantly running, your indoor air can become a little too dry. Without a whole-house humidifier, this can lead to an ideal environment for airborne contaminants to build up. Dry air is also very bad for anything made of wood. If your home has wood floors, we always recommend a humidifier be installed with your HVAC system.

Aprilaire: A Proven Winner

When it comes to the type or brand of a whole-house humidifier, we recommend considering an Aprilaire model 500, 600, or 700. Aprilaire has established a great reputation for affordable, quality IAQ products. The functionality is very similar between the three models. Each is designed to provide moisture for different-sized homes. Some include:

  • Built-In Damper
  • Evaporation Capacity Of 0.70 Gallons/Hour
  • Automatic Digtial Humidifier Control
  • Noise Reduction Technology

Nest Carbon Monoxide Detector

Lost in all the buzz surrounding Nest Thermostats is the fact that Nest also has a suite of other top-of-the-line home automation products. None more important than their carbon monoxide detector. This product doubles as a smoke alarm and is fully compatible with the Nest app. When synced with the Nest Thermostat, it will automatically shut off your heating system when it detects high levels of carbon monoxide and alerts your phone in real-time. If you are considering a Nest Thermostat or already have one installed in your home, the Nest carbon monoxide detector is a must-have.

Nest carbon monoxide detector

Laundry Scrubber 2.0

No more laundry detergent. Yes, I said it. There is a product out there that eliminates the need to purchase laundry detergent in order to clean your clothes. Think about all the money you would save if you didn’t have to fork out $12 a grocery trip on expensive detergent. For parents with kids who play competitive sports, this is a must-have. The best part about the Laundry Scrubber 2.0 is that actually works.

Benefits Of The Laundry Scrubber 2.0

Using similar technology like the Air Scrubber Plus®, the Laundry Scrubber 2.0 installs as an attachment to your current washer. It uses cold water infused with oxygen, peroxides, and other gases to effectively lift dirt directly from the fibers in your clothes. What you are left with is cleaner, softer, and brighter-colored clothing. Oh by the way, did we mention you no longer need to purchase laundry detergent?

How The Laundry Scrubber 2.0 Works

  • No More Laundry Detergent
  • Softer Clothes
  • No More Built-Up Detergent On Clothing
  • Less Irritation For Those With Sensitive Skin
  • Whiter Whites
  • Brighter Colors
  • No Maintenance
  • Environmentally Friendly

Can I Do Annual Furnace Maintenance Myself?

If you have a general knowledge of furnaces, you could do a visual inspection of your unit and identify any problems. However, this could void your warranty and if you do find any problems, you would still need to call in a professional to make the repairs. Going the DIY route may save you a little money, but there is a chance you could end up spending much more to have an HVAC tech come in after-hours to do an emergency repair.

Regular maintenance is an inexpensive way to prolong the life of your furnace, avoid costly repairs and enjoy a comfortable home throughout the winter. Partner with an experienced technician who can schedule regular, annual appointments and conduct a thorough maintenance inspection for an affordable price.

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