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It’s a valid question.  A typical “Worst case scenario” every time you have to call a St Louis HVAC company.  You know your system has seen better days, but deep down you believed you would get at least a couple more Summers out of it. Then the tech shows up, runs some diagnostics on your AC system, and before you know it, you’re looking at a five-figure quote for a new high efficient system.  You are now faced with the idea of either getting multiple bids while the inside of your home is melting away at 100 degrees or just biting the bullet and schedule that AC installation for the next day.

The Life Of An HVAC Technician In June And July

To first understand how you can trust an HVAC technician’s professional recommendation, you need to understand their day-to-day routine when the temperature creeps into the 90’s. These guys usually work around 60 hours per week during the Summer months. They hustle from service call to service call knowing that every home they go to does not have a working air conditioner.

If you ever want to feel on edge, have your AC go out on a 105 degree July day. It is not fun. Every call is usually different. Some require just adding refrigerant to the condenser, others can require replacing motors. So when it comes to condemning systems, many technicians have a lot of factors they could be potentially weighing that is in addition to your system’s condition. We are not saying that is right, but we have to take that into consideration. After all, we are dealing with humans here.

Not All HVAC Techs Are Created Equal

Good HVAC Technicians are very hard to find and train.  It has always been a top priority at Superior to only employ great technicians.  It is ultimately the number one thing that customers judge you on as a company. A great service technician will always:

  • Make the homeowner feel comfortable
  • Be courteous and respectful of one’s home
  • Present transparent pricing for repairs and services
  • Fix equipment fast and efficiently
  • Be very careful in how they condemn systems

Notice the last bullet point?

The Art Of Condemning An AC System

There are two scenarios that usually take place.  Some examples are more dramatic than others, but you’re usually guaranteed to receive one version or the other.

  • Scenario #1: Scenario one usually takes place with a reputable company sending out an experienced technician.  After running diagnostics on your system the technician has pinpointed the problem with the AC system.  Let’s say this particular AC system is older and the repair is costly. The HVAC tech then consults with the homeowner on the cost of the repair (even if it is costly for an older system) and discusses price comparisons between replacing the system or repairing the system.  The homeowner has transparently presented both options. The service technician gives a professional recommendation but does not try to pressure sell them into buying new equipment, therefore, leaving the decision in the hands of the homeowner.
  • Scenario #2:  Scenario two is very different.  In this scenario, the HVAC technician diagnoses the problem, but purposely increases the price of the repair in order to help push the customer in the direction of purchasing new equipment.  This technician is much more aggressive in trying to lead the customer down the path of replacement as he realizes he is in for a timely repair.

What To Look For When Establishing Trust With Your HVAC Technician

Most technicians are trustworthy people.  They wouldn’t be in their position if they weren’t.  There are a variety of different questions you can ask yourself to help establish whether you can trust a particular tech.

  • Did they quote you a price for the repair before quoting you on a replacement?  If the answer to this is no, then there is a good chance you are dealing with scenario 2.
  • Do you feel like you are being sold?  While most great technicians have a natural ability for salesmanship, you as a consumer have a line that shouldn’t be crossed when being pitched a product or service.  Especially within the confines of your own home. If you feel like their sales pitch is coming in too aggressive, it probably is.
  • How Long Did They Spend Diagnosing The Problem?  If someone comes in and condemns your system in the first 15 minutes of being there, they better have a definitive reason why the system is shot.  In most cases, jumping to conclusions early usually is not a good thing for the consumer.

Always Check Online Reviews

Online reviews are a great way to gauge the ethics of an HVAC service department. If the company is under a 4.0 rating on major review sites such as Google, Facebook, and the BBB, chances are you won’t be blown away by their customer service. HVAC companies that maintain high ratings usually care about their customers and look to provide excellent service.

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