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Have you noticed your air conditioner running a little more often than it has in prior years? Does your AC not cool your home as well as it used to?

Over time, your AC refrigerant will begin to weaken and lose some of that previous zest. When this happens, it pays to invest in an AC recharge service. This will help you to make sure that your home is being cooled properly, and can lower your energy bills in the process.

With an air conditioning recharge, your system will have proper AC refrigerant levels restored. With the right amount of AC refrigerant, you will almost instantly notice a boost in performance while also preventing costly repairs in the process. Most HVAC service staff are trained in the proper ways to add refrigerant whether your system requires r22 or r410a.

Reasons It Makes Sense To Have An Air Conditioning Recharge Performed

There are many reasons why investing in an air conditioning recharge makes sense.  Some examples include:

  • A new level of performance. You should see a much greater and more balanced level of output from your system, maximizing the quality of life that you can enjoy when using your AC system.
  • Prevention of dramatic dips in performance when temperatures in St Louis spike in the high 90’s during the Summer months.
  • A decrease in humidity levels inside your home.  Making your home more comfortable.
  • An increase in the life of your AC system.  Maintaining proper levels of air conditioning refrigerant puts less stress on your AC unit.  Over time, this can prevent costly repairs due to your system not running as much.
  • Preventing frozen AC lines.  When an AC unit is running on a low amount of refrigerant, your AC lines are much more likely to freeze over due to your condenser overworking itself to keep your home cool.  This can lead to complete failure of your air conditioning system and is most likely to happen when you need your rely on your HVAC system the most.

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Your AC Coolant Type Can Drastically Impact The Cost Of An Air Conditioning Recharge

It is important to know what type of refrigerant your AC unit runs on. If you own an air conditioner that is over ten years old, chances are it runs off of r22 refrigerant. Having an r22 system recharged can be slightly more costly than some of the newer models that run off of r410a. The reason for this due to government regulation that was put in place during the 1980s. Due to environmental harm, r22 coolant has been gradually being phased out of production. Over time, r22 refrigerant has become much more expensive. This factor should be weighed when trying to decide on repairing or replacing your AC system.

Checking Your AC Refrigerant Levels Is Part Of Our AC Tune Up

The first and most important step we recommend is having your AC refrigerant levels checked heading into each Spring. This allows homeowners to make the decision on any necessary maintenance that can boost performance and prevent repairs. Our service team keeps all refrigerant types in stock when performing preventative maintenance.

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