Benefits of
A Variable Speed Motor

Heating & Cooling Systems With a Variable Speed Motor Continue to Outperform Single-Speed Systems

As the HVAC industry continues to move in the direction of energy-efficient equipment, the variable speed motor is becoming more and more common. This trend is largely in part due to the variety of different benefits a variable speed motor can provide.

What is a Variable Speed Motor?

The variable-speed blower is responsible for moving the air from your air conditioner or furnace, throughout your duct system. Unlike a single-speed motor commonly used in older furnaces or air handlers, a variable-speed motor can run at multiple speeds. This allows your variable speed ac motor to run at the correct pace needed to maximize both comfort and efficiency.

A Variable Speed Motor Will Make your System More Efficient

Due to the ability to operate at a wide range of speeds, a variable speed motor knows when to increase its output and decrease its output depending on the settings of your thermostat. This allows your system to function at a low capacity when the temperatures outside are not considered extreme. One of the largest contributors to high energy bills can come from a single-speed blower motor operating too much during mild temperatures.

A Variable Speed Motor will Help Maintain Higher Levels of Comfort

One of the largest misconceptions of the HVAC industry today is that in order to make your system more energy-efficient, you sometimes have to sacrifice comfort. That could not be further from the truth when it comes to a system with a variable-speed blower motor. A variable speed air conditioner will automatically adapt to make sure it is supplying the perfect amount of output for the temperature settings you prefer. All while increasing the SEER level of your heating and cooling system.

The Variable Speed Blower Motor is Perfect for HVAC Zoning

As zoning systems continue to be a hot trend in the HVAC industry, a variable speed furnace or variable speed air handlers are almost essential to unlocking the benefits of a zone-controlled system.  Just as a zone-controlled system simultaneously manages the climate throughout multiple areas of your home, a variable speed motor helps provide the correct speed for each zone to maximize efficiency and comfort.

Increase the Indoor Air Quality of Your Home with a Variable Speed Furnace

One of the most important and overlooked factors of a heating and cooling system is how it can affect your indoor air quality.  Due to a variable-speed blower motor almost always running, this creates a constant flow of air and helps circulate the air allowing your furnace filter to capture indoor contaminants.

The Variable Speed AC Motor is Much Quieter than a Single Speed Motor

Tired of the loud noises that come with every time your air conditioning unit kicks on and off?  With a variable speed ac motor, your air conditioner runs more often, but at lower speeds on average.  This creates much less variance in sound decibels.

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