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As warm weather quickly approaches the St Louis area, many air conditioners will soon be coming back on for the first time in months. Some of which will not work properly. Here we outline some great air conditioner deals as some St Louis homeowners will quickly find themselves in the market for a new air conditioner.

You Will Almost Always Find The Best Deals On Air Conditioners In The Spring

Spring is typically the time that new air conditioner deals are rolled out for the upcoming cooling season.  Homeowners have a great opportunity to beat the Summer rush and take advantage of amazing incentives in the process.  In addition, many homeowners that pull the trigger early in the season have the peace of mind of knowing they will have a functioning system and can enjoy comfortable temperatures without having to worry about their AC system breaking down in extremely hot weather.

Save Up To $350 On A New Bryant AC Unit or Heat Pump System

As a Factory Authorized Bryant Dealer®, we always love promoting incentives for Bryant® equipment. Bryant® is always great about offering industry-leading air conditioner deals every Spring, and this Spring is no different.  Customers who have a high-efficiency Bryant Evolution® air conditioner or heat pump can receive the following savings:

  • Up to a $350 Rebate On a Variable Speed, 20.5 SEER Bryant Evolution® Air Conditioner
  • Up to a $350 Rebate On a Variable Speed, 20.5 SEER Bryant Evolution® Heat Pump

Up To $550 In Total Savings When You Purchase A Full Bryant Evolution® System

In order to unlock the highest efficiency on most energy-efficient air conditioners, it is imperative that you have a high efficient furnace model.  Knowing this, Bryant® has also rolled out incentives for their Evolution model furnaces this Spring.  Customers can save an additional $200 ($550 total) when you replace both your air conditioner and furnace.  This will also allow you to save more money on your monthly energy bills knowing you are operating at the most optimal efficiency the equipment can perform at.

Bryant Is Also Offering A $300 Rebate On Their Evolution Ductless Air Conditioner

Ductless mini-splits continue to become more popular options for heating and cooling homes.  Especially for specific spaces in homes such as garages, finished basements, and room additions.  In the past, the knock-on ductless mini-splits were that they were not as efficient as traditional central air systems.  That has drastically changed over the last decade.  Bryant now offers a ductless mini-split in their Evolution line that can achieve up to a 42.0 SEER level when properly synced with their Bryant Evolution® heat pump.  Customers considering ductless mini split installation can take advantage of the following rebates:

  • $300 Off A Bryant Evolution® Single-Zone Ductless Model 38MPRA (Up to 42.0 SEER)
  • $150 Off A Bryant Evolution® Multi-Zone Ductless Model 38VMH (Up to 18.6 SEER)

Upgrade To A Bryant Evolution Connex Programmable Thermostat and Save $75

Smart thermostats continue to become increasingly popular home investments.  While there are many third-party smart thermostat providers, a lot of which we offer and install, Bryant® provides a great option that provides maximum compatibility with their high-efficiency Evolution line.  Bryant® is a leader in HVAC smart technology developing a state-of-the-art smart platform for their high-efficiency equipment called Evolution Connex®.  Bryant’s Evolution Connex® system works with its smart thermostat and equipment to provide maximum efficiency, comfort, customization, and convenience.  Right now customers can qualify for a $75 rebate on the Bryant Evolution Connex® programmable thermostat without having to purchase a new system.

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These Offers Can Be Used In Conjunction With Existing HVAC Rebates and Incentives

The best part about the Bryant® Flex incentives is they can be used with other existing incentives to unlock maximum savings on a new air conditioner and furnace combo.  Many of the local energy companies have recently rolled out their 2021 rebates for high-efficiency equipment as well.  The rule of thumb is that in order to qualify for the best rebates, the equipment needs to be Energy Star Certified® equipment.  All of Bryant’s Evolution models meet those requirements.

Current Air Conditioner Deals and Rebates Ameren Missouri Is Offering

Ameren Missouri is currently offering a variety of different HVAC rebates for 2021.  In order to qualify, the equipment must be an Energy Star Certified® air conditioner or heat pump.  Take advantage of the following air conditioning deals that include:

  • Up to a $700 Rebate For a Central Air Conditioner
  • Up to $900 Rebate For an Air Source Heat Pump
  • Up to $50 Rebate For a Smart Thermostat

The $500 HVAC Tax Credit Is Back For 2020

One of the best incentives that very few HVAC professionals promote is the $500 tax credit available for high-efficiency air conditioner replacement.  As part of the extension made on the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018, homeowners can currently write up to $500 off on their yearly taxes when they purchase an Energy Star Certified® AC unit.  We always recommend to customers consult with their tax professional in order to file any of the necessary paperwork to qualify.

Worried About Out Of Pocket Expenses? Superior Offers A Variety of Options For AC Unit Financing

Financing has become more important now more than ever with everything happening in the midst of the Coronavirus. Many homeowners are faced with financial challenges as our workforce has been hindered by the outbreak. To make things worse, we have been stuck in our homes for extended periods of time. If your AC system isn’t functioning properly, you could quickly find yourself in a very difficult position.

0% and $0 Down Air Conditioner Financing For Qualified Customers

Superior currently offers 0% financing for qualified customers on all new HVAC installations.  This includes air conditioning installationfurnace installationheat pump installationductless mini-split installation, and even most of our indoor air quality products.  Our office staff works with customers to make qualifying as easy as possible.  We understand that a lot of decisions being made on whether to replace your HVAC system depend on if you can secure financing.

Superior Offers Other Air Conditioning Finance Options As Well

For those who have problems securing 0% financing, no worries.  We offer a variety of financing options specifically designed to meet your lending needs.  While the terms are not as attractive as 0%, we work specifically with lenders that offer reasonable alternatives.

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