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3 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Might Not Be Cooling Correctly

Is your AC not cooling? Then you are suffering from a problem which many people do around this time of the year. When you’ve got a non-cooling AC, it can make life more than a bit uncomfortable. From a frozen AC line to a damaged AC capacitor right through to needing a new condenser fan motor, many reasons exist why you might want to pay attention here.

More importantly, though, you’ll find that with an AC not cooling that your bills are skyrocketing. If you want to avoid excessive bill costs, then we recommend that you take a look at the following trio of common factors.

A Frozen AC Line

If you want to cool your home, then a frozen AC line might sound like a good thing – it’s not. A frozen AC line means that you are more or less unable to get your AC unit working. It will, in large, explain why your system isn’t running at optimal performance. A frozen AC or refrigerant line can happen for numerous reasons, from a burst in the line to a crack in the sealant.

One of the most common factors that lead to a frozen AC line is a lack of refrigerant. If the AC unit is operating without the proper amount of air conditioning refrigerant, it will make the condenser overwork itself. This is a common problem that often leads to a frozen AC line. This is a major reason why we recommend having your AC system serviced every Spring. As part of our AC tune-ups, we check refrigerant levels to ensure problems such as frozen AC lines can be prevented when you depend on your air conditioner the most.

Whatever the reason, you might find that this can cause everything from a refrigerant leak to a total lack of ability to store energy. Either way, you can find that it makes it impossible to use your AC unit efficiently. If you find that your AC is not cooling, a frozen AC line can be a common reason why. If it is, then the problem can be corrected quickly by working with an AC repair specialist.

It’s a common problem, and definitely one worth looking at.

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A Blown AC Capacitor

Another common malfunction potentially behind your AC, not cooling is a blown capacitor. The AC capacitor is responsible for helping jump-start the power to your fan motor on your outside AC unit. When you notice your air conditioning isn’t cooling your home, and you go outside to find your fan isn’t cycling, there is a decent chance your AC capacitor has bit the dust.

While this is not the most costly AC repair, it is a repair you will want to call a professional HVAC repair company to have fixed. The AC capacitor is directly linked with the electrical output of your home. This is also a repair you want to have done as soon as possible. If you have your air conditioner running despite your AC capacitor not functioning, you are still racking up money in energy bills. This is yet another common AC malfunction that we test for when we perform preventative maintenance for our customers. Our service team uses state of the art diagnostic equipment to test the power of your capacitor in order to determine if your unit is at risk of breaking down heading into the Summer months.

A Damaged Condenser Fan Motor

A broken condenser fan motor is arguably the most common AC repair when the weather spikes above 90 degrees. This problem is especially common with older AC units. One thing you can troubleshoot when you notice your condenser fan isn’t spinning is to check your breaker box. If the switches are all in the ‘On’ position, that usually indicates the condenser is receiving power and your condenser fan motor has called it quits.

Replacing A Condenser Fan Motor is NOT a DIY Project

We completely understand why a homeowner would want to look for ways to save money on AC repairs, but this is not the project to do so. If you have checked both your breaker box and thermostat, and your condenser fan is still not working, call an HVAC professional. There are too many electrical connections attached to the condenser fan motor, and one wrong move can lead to serious bodily harm. Our service team has gone through rigorous training on safety and precautionary protocols in order to ensure their safety when replacing a condenser fan motor.

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