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At Superior Service, we proudly offer plumbing services to homeowners in Creve Coeur, Missouri, and the surrounding areas. Our service areas include St. Louis, St. Charles, Chesterfield, and other nearby communities.

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Plumbing Services We Offer in Creve Coeur

Our comprehensive plumbing services cover a wide range of needs, including:

  • Water Heater Repair and Installation: If you’re experiencing issues with your water heater or need a new installation, our licensed plumbers are here to help.
  • Garbage Disposal Repair: Is your garbage disposal causing a headache? Our experts can efficiently repair or replace it.
  • Sump Pump Services: Protect your home from flooding with our sump pump installation and repair services.
  • Kitchen Sink and Faucet Repair: From fixing leaks to installing new faucets, we handle all your kitchen plumbing needs.
  • Clogged Drain Solutions: Don’t let a clogged drain disrupt your daily life. Our drain cleaning services will clear the way.
  • Toilet Repair: We specialize in toilet repairs, ensuring your plumbing fixtures work flawlessly.
  • Plumbing System Remodeling: Planning a home remodel? We can help you redesign and upgrade your plumbing system to meet your needs.
  • Pipe Repair: Whether it’s a burst pipe or a minor leak, our plumbers have the expertise to repair your pipes swiftly.
  • Water Line Services: From installation to repair, we take care of your water lines to ensure a steady supply of hot and cold water.
  • Tankless Water Heaters: Enjoy energy-efficient hot water with our tankless water heater installation and repair.
  • Sewer Line Cleaning: We use advanced methods to clean your sewer lines and prevent clogs inside your home.
  • Backflow Testing: Ensuring the safety of your water supply.
  • Septic Tank Services: Issue diagnostics and repair.
  • Bathroom Remodel: Install a new bathtub or sink to transform your bathroom.
  • Water Softener System: Installation, maintenance, and repair.

Why Hire A Master Plumber at Superior

When it comes to plumbing issues, it’s essential to trust the professionals. Our master plumbers are highly skilled tradespeople with extensive experience. They surpass the standard qualifications for residential plumbing work and are well-versed in local building codes and existing plumbing systems. Our experts are also adept at integrating cutting-edge technology, allowing them to resolve complex plumbing issues and handle intricate projects effectively.

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